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Here in West Texas we know a lot about dirt. Mainly because it is in places that it shouldn't be. It's in the air or in your hair or pretty much anywhere. Thank you Dr. Seuss.

By wilbanksvac37183652, Jun 6 2018 11:16PM

We hope to keep most of it in our vacuum, but too much and we have problems (no suction) or wait too long and we have bigger problems (burned out motor).

Try to change your bag about every 2 months unless it gets full of pet hair sooner, and I would advise to clean your filter on the bagless vacuums at least every other time you use it. Filters are usually much smaller than the bag thus they clog faster.

Also, just dumping the big stuff out of the canister doesn't stop the fine dust from getting to the filters.

Maybe they should include a good air compressor with every bagless vac.

Time to go.

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