This family business does a fantastic job every time! Reasonable pricing for quality work - we'll continue to use them!


This place is AWESOME! I bought my carpet vacuum here, and they service both my carpet and wood floor vacuums.

The Simplicity carpet vacuum they sold me is exactly what I needed and performs just as they advertised. Bags/filters to trap fine dust and other allergens. Roller bar has hard bristles so pet hair rarely gets wrapped around the beater bar.

They are polite and very helpful! They are really knowledgable about the vacuums they sell and they show you all the features of your vacuum. Their prices are very fair for both new purchases and repairs. Some repairs they can make right there on the spot (ex: broken clip that holds brush attachment, burned through belt, vacuum wand that I accidentally pulled into two pieces). They carry your vacuum out to your car.
As long as I continue to live in Lubbock, this will be my vacuum place!


Family owned and EXCEPTIONAL customer service. The current owner (second or third generation I believe) helped me when I came in with the vacuum and when I came to pick it up. I was actually bringing in my boss's vacuum and I didn't know what was wrong but the owner turned it on, knew immediately and said he could take care of it. When I came to pick it up he showed me what he fixed and that it worked again and then proceeded to carry it to my vehicle for me. I was skeptical because it's in an older shopping center but I would absolutely take my own and recommend you take your vacuum here for maintenance and repairs. They service every brand I've ever heard of (including Oreck) and they say to ask them if you don't see your brand on the list so I assume they do more!

Shanna H

I brought my vacuum here to fix a hose suction problem on a Dyson Animal. They informed me that they would examine the vacuum and offered me their $50 cleaning service. They informed me that if they found anything functionally wrong they would contact me. Upon contacting me, they showed me the problem, (user error), and only charged me for the cleaning. When I came to pick up, I engaged them about the best kinds of vacuums for carpet and wood/laminate and they were very informative. They do great work and I highly recommend!

Tim F

I don't rake and review often, but i really appreciate this place. 1st they sell good quality products. And 2nd they are good to deal it. They are keen on the industry. I didn't realize what the big box store mentality has cost our country until i did business with this Mom and Pop store. I think paying 20 dollars more for a vacuum was very much worth it.
They fix your vacuums in house instead of sending it to some inconspicuous place where there only intent is to tell you how you are the cause of the problem and send your stuff back to you still broken, now more the cost of shipping. I'll stop venting now. There is no such thing as a perfect product, but there are better and lesser places to buy those products. This is a better one.

Peter Harms

I bought every vaccum from Wilbanks for many years. I plan to continue as long as they are open and I am here. The great thing about Wilbanks is they can fix the machines they sell. I used to buy a new one every couple years.

Doris Jackson

THIS IS THE PLACE for professional service and advice regarding anything involving floor cleaning. Straightforward advice; honest, family-owned business. Remember the days of real customer service? Right here! Sales, service, parts. Anything you need.

Oliver Jaegar